Games for Legendary Away Days

Title: Games for Legendary Away Days
Authors: Karen Cooley, Kirsty McEwan
Price: £55
Publisher: Gower
Pages: 250
ISBN: 0566086069


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A plethora of games is provided here for all types of away days, linked to the authors’ previous book, Legendary Away Days. However, this publication is just as useful as a standalone resource.

It argues that the effective team game provides a break from the work at hand or enhances understanding. Ideally, it will do both. To this end, the book is very useful, as each game is tailored to the type of event being run. More impressively, the games are categorised to match particular group moods and even the culture of the organisation.

Every effort has been taken to guide the reader to what will be most appropriate for them, helpfully highlighting any danger zones with ‘shark alerts’.

The book is clearly written, each aspect of the game is considered and logical steps are given to set up and debrief. While there are a few games included that you would not wish on your worst enemy, the majority are useful and practical. It could have done with some more ‘energiser’ games and a few more for smaller teams, and perhaps the odd illustration would have helped to liven it all up.

As far as being ‘legendary’, this book does not quite make the ‘outstanding’ category. However, it still serves very well as a practical guide for anyone who wishes to be sensitive to the mood and purpose of any away day.

Useful? 4 stars
Well-written? 4 stars
Practical? 4 stars
Inspirational? 3 stars
Value for money? 4 stars
Overall 4 stars

All ratings out of 5 stars
Reviewed by Peter Watkins, head of development, London Fire Brigade

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