Gender pay gap correlates to motherhood

gap in pay for men and women in Britain is due to women leaving work to have
children, a new study claims.

who take time off to have their family earn 15 per cent less on average when
they return to their jobs, according to research carried out at Manchester

survey of 10,000 people finds that mothers suffer a two per cent drop in salary
for each year they are not working.

Owen, lecturer in socio-economic research at the University of Manchester urged
the Government to offer extra training for women who interrupt their careers to
have a family.

research found women earn less than £7.50 an hour compared with the men’s
average of £10.27 per hour – a difference of over 25 per cent. The problem is
exacerbated by a significant number of women who work part-time, the report

By Michael Millar

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