German publisher flouts EU regulations by excluding males

A German publishing company has been threatened with legal action for breaking EU discrimination law by refusing to employ men.

Alice Schwarzer, editor-in-chief and founder of Emma magazine, said she was proud of the feminist journal’s rigid gender policy.

Schwarzer ensures that all new recruits, from cleaners to art directors, are women.

A male journalist from Stern, one of Germany’s biggest news magazines, claimed he repeatedly tried to get a job at Emma, but was turned down specifically because of his gender.

The journalist, who wished to remain anonymous, said Schwarzer eventually offered him work experience after he threatened legal action against the bi-monthly publication.

The magazine, established in 1977, is thought to be the only organisation in Europe that refuses to employ men, which is a breach of  EU regulations on discrimination.

Schwarzer, an influential figure in Germany, is author of the feminist novel The Little Difference and its Huge Consequence, which has been translated into 11 languages.

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