GMB members vote to keep out racists

GMB union has voted to expel any member who participates in racist activities
or encourages racist organisations.

also voted to create a new role of race officer in each branch in order to
encourage the diversification and representation of each branch.

to the rule book target anyone "who gives encouragement to, or
participates in, the activities of any organisation, faction or grouping whose
policies or aims have expressed or implied promotion of racial supremacy or
racial hatred at their core".

Curran, GMB general secretary, said: "Racism and racist activities have no
place in our union. We fight institutional racism in workplaces on behalf of
our members everyday and it would be nothing less than hypocritical if we were
to allow these activities in our own organisation."

is a cancer in our communities. We want to make it very clear that it has no
place in the GMB. Our actions today will ensure we remain an organisation that
campaigns against racism and racist activities and upholds our objective of
equality for all at work and at home," he said.

By Quentin Reade

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