Government plans healthy eating diet

The Government is to draw up a food and health action plan aimed at
encouraging people to eat a better diet.

It is being co-ordinated by the Department of Health (DoH) along with the
Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, the food industry and
consumer groups.

The DoH estimates that up to a third of deaths from cancer and heart disease
– the country’s two biggest killers – could be prevented by eating a better

Since 1980, the number of people deemed obese has risen from 6 per cent of
men and 8 per cent of women, to 21 per cent of both sexes in 2000.

Ministers believe co-ordinated action on diet and nutrition could contribute
to improved health in other areas, by reducing hypertension and helping to
prevent diabetes and obesity.

The plan will address food production, manufacture and preparation, access
to healthier food and providing information for consumers about healthy eating
and nutrition.

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