Government proposes introduction of ‘red tape days’

Government is to propose introducing ‘red tape days’ that would see all new
employment laws implemented on a set date rather than scattered throughout the

to the Financial Times, the move is designed to calm industries frustrated by
the tide of bureaucracy hitting employers.

Johnson, employment relations minister, said: "Better regulation is a real
priority for us and something we are actively addressing."

three-month consultation is launched today (Wednesday), asking industry whether
it wants new employment regulations to be implemented on a single annual date,
every six months or every quarter.

option is to keep the status quo, but introduce measures to help business, such
as issuing an annual government statement alerting companies to new rules in
the pipeline.

said the Government would like to see set commencement dates, but wanted to
"consult to ensure we don’t solve one problem only to create

Confederation of British Industry welcomed the consultation, but said companies
might "not thank the Government for having to do four things on the same
day" and pointed to the practical difficulties that may arise.

By Quentin Reade

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