Staff believe only way to promotion is to move companies

of employees feel they would have to move companies to get the financial
rewards and promotion that they deserve, research finds.

asked 320 jobseekers their thoughts on career progression and how they see them
achieving their career goals. In all 68 per cent said that they were convinced
they would have to change employment to get either a promotion or a pay rise.

study suggests many are disillusioned by the many pay freezes currently in
operation or are dissatisfied with alternatives to promotion and salary
increases – such as structured training schemes.

similar proportion of those surveyed revealed that under no circumstances would
they compromise their principles in order to gain that all-important promotion.
This shows that while it is important to progress and get the recognition and
money they feel they deserve, there is a moral line that many of us would not
be willing to cross.

Jones, GoJobsite’s HR manager, commented: “I think it is very disappointing
that people believe they have to move on in order to get what they feel that
they deserve.

said it is equally disappointing that while companies supposedly strive so hard
to become employers of choice, the employees they try to attract are clearly
concerned with other motivations when considering job opportunities.

the huge outgoings of many of the UK top employers I believe it would make far
more sense for some to strive harder with their employee retention and try and
face these kind of issues

is clearly a major issue for jobseekers. Our own research revealed in
August  that 25 per cent of candidates
revealed salary to be their most important factor of job satisfaction) and the
message here seems clear that to hold onto the best talent, employers must be
prepared to pay the best salaries.”     

By Ben Willmott

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