Government set to consider alternatives to employment legislation

Government is to start looking at alternatives to employment legislation, after
accepting the recommendations of the Better Regulation Task Force.

Cabinet Office has agreed to encourage more alternatives to legislation in
Europe and look at how the EU delivers its policies.

will also investigate whether red-tape is being introduced too early, without
enough consideration of other methods.

departments will have to produce annual reports on regulatory performance and
the use of alternatives to traditional regulation.

has promised to appoint board-level champions to promote best practice and
challenge any new regulatory proposals within government departments or

Better Regulation Task Force, set up to reduce red-tape and bureaucracy,
published a series of recommendations in its recent report Imaginative thinking
for Better Regulation, and the Government has drawn-up an action plan to
implement the changes in response.

plan on regulation:

Improve awareness of alternatives to ‘classic’ regulation

Assess the use of alternatives to regulation and possible unintended

Provide regular reports of deregulatory activity, and publish successful
initiatives to share best practice

Encourage greater use of alternatives to legislation in Europe

By Ross Wigham

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