Government starts cull of public sector jobs

Staff at 42 social security offices, Jobcentres and Employer Direct
centres in
England, Scotland and Wales have been told today that their offices are to close.

The plans are part of the Government’s drive to axe more than 100,000
public se
ctor jobs. The Department for
Work and Pensions to close 550 benefit processing sites.

It is estimated that in this first tranche of closures more than 2,000 people will lose their jobs.

Responding to the news, PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka secretary
said: "The Government said that its
called efficiency drive was about putting more resources to
the frontline
, yet today we see essential frontline services axed with no
real thought
[about] the impact on the communities they serve.

“The Government’s agenda is exposed for what it is. It is not about how
things can be done more efficiently or better, but it is about crude cost

By Daniel Thomas






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