Graduates happy to start at bottom of career ladder

A third of all employed
graduates are starting their working lives in non-graduate jobs according to

The Association of Graduate
Careers Advisory Services (AGCAS) survey, called What Do Graduates Do? 2001,
claims that 33 per cent of working graduates start in non-graduate jobs to
build up a portfolio enabling them to start on a career ladder.

"Graduates in competitive
fields, such as the media or design, are having to build up portfolios and CVs
in a number of ways including unpaid work experience," said Judith Sefker,
chief executive of AGCAS.

The survey also reveals that
more graduates are enrolling in vocational courses, which are now perceived by
HR departments as worthwhile.

"The HR perception of
vocational courses has changed dramatically. They used to be frowned upon, but
now HR is realising how valuable they are and keeping a keen eye out for
vocational graduates," said Sefker.

By Paul Nelson

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