Graduates lack basic skills to succeed in business

than three-quarters of employers believe graduates lack basic business skills
such as team working, problem solving and presentation, research finds.

survey of 253 managers by the Chartered Management Institute and the London
College of Printing also reveals that only three out of 10 are impressed with
graduates’ ability to communicate.

research finds that this skills gap is affecting the performance of young
executives. Six out of 10 employers claim that poor interpersonal skills among
young executives is reflected by poor diplomacy at work while half of the
respondents believe this shortcoming results in a lack of understanding of
colleagues and the customer.

50 per cent of employers think young executives lack formal etiquette at work
and four out of 10 managers report that they lack the skills to handle board

half of the managers surveyed claim that the education system fails to meet
employers’ needs for staff.

Chapman, chief executive of the Chartered Management Institute, said:
"Finding young executives with the right skills is vital not only to the
success of individual organisations but also to the overall comeptiveness of UK

recognise the priority being given by the Government to improving educational
standards but the positive results have yet to filter through."

would like students to have access to more work experience, campus
communication skills centres and career advice about workplace behaviour to
help them become more prepared for their careers.

By Paul Nelson

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