Graduates look for work-life balance

a healthy work-life balance is the most important consideration for graduates
when it comes to choosing an employer, a study reveals.

Universum Awards 2002, by Universum Communications, asked 6,000 students in 44
universities to pick their top three career goals.

three-fifths of respondents think creating a healthy work-life balance is
important, followed by 46 per cent who value international career opportunities
and 44 per cent who want a challenging environment.

considerations also figure strongly. A third state that building a sound
financial base is important. However, just 22 per cent want to do this through
reaching a managerial level or managing projects and just 6 per cent said they
would like to start their own business. 

students are most likely to aim for a management position and engineering and
science respondents are more interested in being specialists.

a third of graduates think working for an organisation that contributes to
society is important.

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