Graduates rate training higher than cash rewards

are turned on more by training and development opportunities than they are
money, suggests the latest snapshot survey by Investors in People UK.  

with 133 graduates in London and Bristol reveal that:

93 per cent think it is important to join an organisation committed to training
and developing its people

More than 60 per cent do not rank salary as a significant factor in career

Two-thirds rate training and development as one of the two most important
factors when choosing an employer 

Only six per cent feel their productivity would be enhanced by a big bonus

Spellman, IIP chief executive, was surprised by the findings. "We hope
this proves to be a real eye opener for organisations looking to recruit and
retain the most talented graduates this year," she said.

Kelsey, HR manager at Selfridges in Manchester, commented:  “Graduates, certainly in the retail
industry, are much more career minded than they were 10 years ago.

next generation have big aspirations and seem determined to work for
organisations that will ensure these can be fulfilled.”

Jane King

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