Graduates would cheat on employment tests to gain an advantage in the hunt for jobs

Graduate job applicants will cheat to get through employment tests, a survey has revealed.

About 15% of the 500 students and graduates polled by Cubiks HR consultancy said they would be “prepared to gain an unfair advantage” by changing their CV’s and 10% said they would cheat on an unsupervised ability test.

One in 10 also said they would try to cheat on a personality/competency questionnaire.

Louise Tate, principal consultant at Cubiks, said: “Clearly, there are candidates who have no issue with being economical with the truth and employers have to be able to outsmart such people.”

But, Tate said, employers should be encouraged that the majority of candidates were honest.

“This demonstrates why it is so important for employers to use a combination of different security measures to beat the cheats, and not simply trust CVs, which will only show candidates in the best possible light,” she said.

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