Grandparents save British families £1bn in childcare

families save more than a £1bn a year by having willing grandparents as
babysitters, according to a new survey.

50 per cent of the 1,001 grandparents surveyed said they regularly spend time
with their grandchildren – often in a babysitting role.

survey, by Abbey National, finds that on average grandparents spend at least 40
days a year looking after their grandchildren – allowing parents time off from
caring duties.

the survey also reveals that grandmothers do most of the work – on average they
spend an hour and a half with their grandchildren each time they baby-sit,
while grandfathers manage only 79 minutes.

putting in time with the toddlers can have its advantages. Grandparents who
look after their grandchildren are twice as likely to be taken on holiday than
grandparents who don’t help out.

By Quentin Reade

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