Guide aims to open job opportunities for disabled people

Government has launched a business guide for organisations on employing people
with disabilities.

Employers Forum on Disability has drawn on the experience of major companies like
Centrica and BT to set out a guide, Recruitment that Works, to increase the
opportunities open to disabled people.

can be no better endorsement, no better way of encouraging more companies to
recruit and retain disabled people than for one employer to say to another,
‘We’ve done it and it works’," said Alistair Darling, Work and Pensions

often employers have based their recruitment decisions on prejudice, on
assumptions or anxieties, which are not born out of facts."

people are around seven times as likely as non-disabled people to be out of
work and claiming benefits.

Government has introduced a range of programmes in partnership with the private
sector to help disabled people who are able to work to fulfil their potential.
The New Deal for Disabled People and Job Broker service are using a flexible
range of approaches to help people find lasting paid employment.

By Paul Nelson

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