Guidelines issued on employment rights of transsexuals

The Department for Trade and Industry (DTI) has launched guidelines explaining how to deal with issues which may arise when a job applicant or member of staff is a transsexual person.

Gender Reassignment – A Guide for Employers, has a particular focus on the Sex Discrimination Act 1975 protection for job applicants and employees who intend to undergo, are undergoing or have undergone gender reassignment. 

Since 1999 it has been unlawful under the act for employers to discriminate against people on these grounds. 

As a result of the Gender Recognition Act 2004 transgendered people have new legal rights and the guide expands and updates existing guidance to take account of these.

On 4 January 2005, the Gender Recognition Panel published guidance on the Gender Recognition Act 2004 which can be found on the its website.


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