Author: Gabriella Goddard
Price: £7.99
Publisher: Penguin
Pages: 320
ISBN: 014102528X

Goddard asserts that challenges stretch us, facilitate growth and teach trust in ourselves. She concludes that mastering our expectations, fears and beliefs through the ability “to calm the mind and build a strong inner core” are central to determining the outcome of a challenge. Her personal ‘gulp’ was discovering a lump on her breast and realising that she could either be broken by the discovery or reframe it and use it to recreate her future.

Drawing on diverse inspirational teachings to support her philosophy that “this is your life so live it well”, her seven-stage programme presents numerous easy-to-use techniques to help readers manage their responses more effectively and to enhance their creativity. We are introduced, for example, to the ‘Cat and Creek’ approach to managing fears, which can be used in a range of situations, including networking.

This is a book of great integrity and honesty, which does not pretend to offer the answers to everyone’s problems, advocating instead that some people will need to engage a specialist to assist them because of the complexity of their issues. However, it does offer the majority of readers a change programme that is empowering and inspirational. I urge you to read this, because the author’s extensive research and effective communication of complex ideas guarantee that you can apply the techniques successfully.

Useful? Five stars out of five
Well-written? Five stars out of five
Practical? Five stars out of five
Inspirational? Five stars out of five
Value for money? Five stars out of five
Overall? Five stars out of five

Reviewed by David Owen, business and life coach, New Steps

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