Guru humbled by loyal Essex folk

There’s nothing quite like an unhappy punter to make for light reading. The following letter comes from Essex disciple Sally (Disciple? Et tu Brut?!). She took exception to an article on this page which made a passing comment about stereotypical ‘pot-bellied lager louts from Essex’. You always know you’re in trouble when someone begins a sentence with “I have a great sense of humour but…”

Dear Guru

I have a great sense of humour but it was stretched when I read your page in the [9 August] publication.

It was the totally unnecessary attachment of Essex to the pot-bellied lager louts comment that did it.

Fortunately, we are not struggling to recruit in this lovely county – full of kind and loyal folk – because intelligent people do realise that coming from Essex is not a pre-requisite for being a pot-bellied lager lout. But it’s still really annoying and petty when the media insist on prolonging the myth.

I would normally put ‘regards’ here, but I have none for you on this occasion.

This is about the time when Guru puts the boot of satire into the offending party, but the panache with which she ended the e-mail put him in a certain sense of awe. So Sally, if Mrs Guru agrees, would you marry me? I’m presuming bigamy at least is still allowed in Essex?

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