Half of the adult population would work after retirement

significant proportion of the adult working population would consider returning
to the workplace after retirement, says new research.

study by leisure company Whitbread reveals that as much as 50 per cent of the
current adult population would return to full or part-time work, which could
place increasing demand on employers to provide flexible working arrangements.

a supporter of the Equal Opportunities Review (EOR),  is keen to
highlight the importance of the issues of age diversity and age discrimination
in the UK

from the EOR shows that nearly three-quarters of businesses are not concerned
about legislation due to come into force in 2006, and is urging companies to
ensure they have a policy in place on age diversity.

findings from the Whitbread survey show that three-quarters of those surveyed
would return to work to keep their minds active. Just over half said they would
consider going back for financial reasons.

Risley, director of HR at
Whitbread, said: “Recent reports have shown that the number of people living to
80 will double by 2050, and in light of this many of these individuals will
want to continue to work after the retirement age for a variety of reasons.
Employers need to prepare for this.

research shows a significant amount of people want to return to work for many
different reasons, which is
great news for employers facing a skills shortage," she added. "But
if people are looking for a change of career at a later point in life, they
should consider a workplace that is flexible and meets their needs.”

By Mike Berry



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