Half the working population unhappy with work-life balance

over half of UK workers believe they are able to maintain a healthy work-life
balance in their organisation, research finds.

study by Mercer Human Resource Consulting, based on a survey of 3,500 staff,
reveals that women’s perspective on work is more positive than men’s.

56 per cent of women believe they can maintain a healthy balance between their
work and personal lives, compared to 49 per cent of men.

view of managers is less positive than other employees. 

48 per cent of managers, compared to 55 per cent of other workers, believe a
healthy balance is achieved in their organisation.

are similar according to size of company and there is a marginal difference
according to region.

the South-East, for example, only 51 per cent of employees say people have a
healthy work-life balance, compared to 56 per cent in the North of England.

By Ben Willmott

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