SMEs see the value of flexible working

and medium size enterprises (SMEs) believe offering flexible working
initiatives is as important as salary when trying to attract good staff.

latest research by Investors in People UK reveals that 33 per cent of SMEs see
flexible working as the most attractive reward when recruiting and retaining
good people, while 35 per cent of employers believe annual salary to be the
most attractive reward.

research, conducted via SME online advice service
surveyed 190 employers and 368 employees and shows that employees have similar
views – 40 per cent say annual salary is most likely to attract them to a new
job while 32 per cent are most attracted by flexible working opportunities.

8 per cent of employers and 6 per cent of employees think perks, such as a
company car and gym membership, are an attractive reward.

executive of Investors in People Ruth Spellman, backed the findings.

salary has previously been viewed as the key factor when recruiting
people," she said, "but ensuring you strike a balance between home
and work is becoming a real priority.

are also keen to develop. Some 24 per cent of employers and 22 per cent of
employees believe training and promotion prospects are central to recruiting
and retaining staff."

By Quentin Reade

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