Haulage firms face a gloomy outlook for 2002

More than 11,000 jobs could be on the line and at least 200 UK haulage
companies will be in serious financial trouble next year, according to the
latest analysis.

The first edition of the Plimsoll Portfolio Analysis looks at the
performance of the top 2,000 companies in the sector and warns that for the
past three years the cost of employing staff has increased at a greater rate
than the industry can afford.

The research blames fundamental business reasons, dating back long before
the current economic uncertainty, for the expected job losses.

Pay levels have risen by 23 per cent with sales up just 20 per cent and the
report shows that while 76 per cent of companies are spending more on salaries,
under half are making more profit.

The analysis predicts that at least 81 per cent of the industry will need to
shed jobs over the next 12 months, with the figure expected to be around

It goes on to claim that at least 200 companies are in serious financial


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