Have a rant: Fear of blogging and social networking

In response to your ‘Have a rant… Wipe that smile off the ‘MyFace’ generation’ (Personnel Today, 24 July), I was embarrassed for my profession that an HR person could fail to realise they could be at the forefront of innovation – but instead they prefer to remain in their dark ‘cave’.

It still amazes me there are so-called professionals in HR who label themselves as “old fashioned”. Shouldn’t HR be able to move with the times?

Blogging and social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn are changing the face of how HR will recruit candidates in future, communicate business objectives to employees, and cement employer brands online – whether you like it or not.

We’re in the process of creating our own corporate blog, which will open up the gateway for our employees, potential candidates and clients to interact with HR and our board in an informal community setting. We hope this will create a platform for improved communications, create further brand loyalty, and employee engagement, and we plan to use it as a tool to attract even more talent.

I pity those who aren’t willing to explore these new technologies. I fear they will be left far behind, but then we’ll be able to weed out any HR dinosaurs that give the profession a bad name.

HR has a great opportunity to prove itself by making use of virtual communication to put HR at the top of every board’s agenda and propel the organisation to the top of the results pages of all search engines.

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