Have a rant: Investing in people

Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t the CIPD actually stand for the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development?

If that’s the case, then why on earth is the CIPD saying that some employers may not want to train their staff in case all that money is wasted when the employee leaves? Frankly, I was flabbergasted by the CIPD’s comments in your news story on the Leitch Review (Personnel Today, 12 December) that some businesses can’t justify the investment in their people.

I appreciate the comments related to the threat of compulsion, which isn’t a happy state of affairs. But surely the CIPD of all bodies should be supporting moves to encourage more investment in training – particularly when there is still the chance to do this voluntarily.

The CIPD’s comments were short-sighted. It really should be thinking big picture. Yes, some members of staff may leave. Equally, others (who have been trained by other organisations) may join you. It’s a ‘what goes around comes around’ argument.

This stance reminds me of people who drop litter, not caring that someone else has to pick it up. It’s always someone else’s problem. If we all behaved like that, the streets would be filthy.

Similarly, if we all shied away from investing in our people – and left it up to others to take care of – business in the UK would come toa standstill.

No wonder India and China are fast overtaking us.


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