Have a rant: Not recognising qualifications

I am furious with the short-sightedness of my HR department in not recognising a major business qualification.

I was recruited into an organisational development post while completing the final six months of an MSc in Strategic Leadership. The organisation honoured my final few days of study, and I went on to graduate. After attaining the academic qualification at Masters level, I pursued an application to be appropriately graded according to the national frameworks.

Following a number of meetings with HR, the outcome has totally thrown me. Both the HR rep and my line manager have confirmed that Masters level competence is not required in the post, and therefore no change will be made to the grade. Yet I have fully utilised Masters level skills and knowledge in the post to develop leadership competence across the organisation.

This experience has left me feeling disillusioned, frustrated and undervalued. The organisation knowingly appointed me to this post, and it also accepted and contributed to the development of this competence. However, it does not recognise the qualification in terms of salary grading, and does not expect me to apply the skills and knowledge to improve both personal and organisational performance.

Throughout my career, I have led and driven cost-effective learning and development solutions that demonstrate a return on investment. On this occasion, very little investment was made, but the return on investment has been adding value to develop a much-needed competence.

Have I been fully informed, or is a sophisticated process being misinterpreted?

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