Have a rant…The brotherhood responds

Having endured Angela O’Connor’s “lesson in manners from the sisterhood for those unreconstructed macho male leaders” (Personnel Today, 18 July), I wish to reply on behalf of the brotherhood, who have remained patiently silent for so long in the face of the feminisation of the workplace, which is to the great detriment of efficiency and professionalism.

Don’t wear low-cut tops and lacy push-up bras and then complain the moment your hapless male colleague sneaks a furtive glance at your cleavage.

Flip-flops are for the beach. No-one wants to see your toes, no matter how prettily painted they are.

The visit of a colleague to the open-plan office with their newborn baby is not an open invitation for a two-hour break, loud cooing and the exchange of stories about poo, vomiting and sleepless nights.

Water cooler conversations should be saved for witty comments on meaningful cultural experiences, not: “Isn’t that Paul from Big Brother such a complete b*stard – I can’t believe how he ignored Sophie after she secretly performed oral sex on him under the duvet.”

You don’t really love sport, so when major athletic events come around, please spare us your fascinating insights into rugby (“Hasn’t Lawrence Dallaglio got lovely thighs?”) and football (“It’s not fair that Ronaldo is allowed to play for both Portugal and Brazil”). Tennis is a more appropriate sport for fairweather fans, and let’s face it, you can’t help yourself wanting to mother Andy Murray.

What a shame I’ve only got a limited space to fill – but at least I know when to shut up.

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