Headteacher committed suicide after ‘critical inspection’

A headteacher found dead after school inspectors criticised her leadership had been overwhelmed by bureaucracy, an inquiry was told yesterday.

Irene Hogg, a headteacher for 19 years, had felt “distraught, almost shell-shocked” by the inspection. The inquiry also heard that she had become “extraordinarily stressed” by the administrative workload at Glendinning Terrace Primary School, Galashiels.

Hogg was expected to manage a pre-ordained budget, run a team of seven or eight teachers, deal with successive waves of bureaucracy, and teach. She told her brother that her workload was increased significantly by bureaucracy and administration.

According to Roger Hogg, his sister felt that “her whole professional being had been undermined” by the process and outcome of the inspection, according to the Times.

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