HGV firms need major rethink to fill drivers’ seats

Haulage firms have to revolutionise remuneration, career opportunities and
training if a crisis over lorry driver shortages is to be avoided.

A Freight Transport Association survey shows that lorry driver shortages are
set to get significantly worse over the next year.

There will be a shortage of 50,000 to 80,000 drivers within the next five
years, claims Dr Edward Roderick, group chief executive of Christian Salvesen.

He is calling for the Government to lower the legal age of drivers from 21
to 18 years.

Christian Salvesen is developing a career path for manual staff to train as
lorry drivers. It is also looking to recruit more women.

Roderick said, "Our industry as a whole is poor in its population of
women and ethnic groups. Lorries are no longer about lifting, pushing and

Driver status needs to be raised, claimed Bert Proctor, director of employee
relations for TNT UK and Ireland. He also believes a logistics or transport
qualification needs to be introduced into schools.

"We need to ensure people are paid correctly and that we are carrying
out the necessary training," he said.


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