High blood pressure among men can be tackled at work

needs to be done to raise awareness about the perils of high blood pressure
among men, and the workplace is the ideal place to do it, a charity has

Blood Pressure Association urged MPs, peers and employers at a parliamentary
reception in October to look at innovative ways to tackle ignorance about high
blood pressure and men’s health.

of working men are at risk of severe disability simply because they do not know
their blood pressure, and many more face premature death because their high
blood pressure has not been detected and adequately treated, it said.

blood pressure causes half of all strokes and heart attacks in the UK, and the
workplace is the perfect setting for both awareness raising and detection of
high blood pressure, said association chairman, Professor Graham MacGregor.

suggests that men, especially working class men, are often reluctant to have a
health check. A simple blood pressure check – and appropriate follow up – in
the workplace could bring immense savings to both the individual concerned and
their employer,” he argued.

employers took part in the association’s annual national blood pressure testing
week in September, which encourages workplaces to offer drop-in services for
blood pressure checks, but more could still be done.

practitioners needed to play a central part in this process, urged Luton
Airport OH adviser Jackie Parker. “We are in an ideal position to target a
‘healthy population’ who do not have any reason to go to their GP and therefore
do not get any checks.”

study by the association during the testing week found that men were more
likely to know their partner’s bra size than their own blood pressure.


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