High-speed e-learning roll-out at Lloyds TSB

Lloyds TSB has planned, developed, tested and implemented an hour-long e-learning course for staff in less than three weeks – the bank’s fastest-ever implementation of an online training programme.

The company usually undertakes at least six weeks of testing when it adds learning content to its intranet, but the use of a specific Lloyds TSB template created by e-learning technology specialist Maxim meant the course could be rolled out in less than half the time.

Val Laycock, senior HR project manager at Lloyds TSB, said: “We have very strict technical standards for putting content on our intranet and everything has to be thoroughly tested.

“This course is built on an innovative template, so once the template was signed off, we were able to simplify the testing and this made the whole development process much quicker and easier.”

The e-learning course, developed by learning services company KnowledgePool, was created for 30 specialists in the Lloyds TSB Wholesale and International Banking business.

Lloyds TSB has now asked Maxim and Knowledge Pool to create more e-learning courses using the template, starting with new software application training.

“The template gives us the ability to quickly build and implement e-learning on our intranet,” said Laycock. “Potentially, this could help us meet a wide range of training needs.”

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