Holy smoke: priest defies 48-hour rule

The arguments surrounding the Working Time Directive will rumble on until the end of time, Guru imagines. One of the chief problems is whether or not the 48-hour limit should apply to the total hours a person works a week, regardless of how many jobs they have, or if a second job should account for a whole new set of 48 hours.

This raises all sorts of issues about people getting enough overtime in and being able to work as long as they want, rather than what Brussels decides they should want.

These are serious matters that go to the root of our social-economic model and, for this reason, Guru is going to make light of the whole thing with the tale of an Orthodox priest in Bulgaria who had two jobs.

Father Kiril Papudov – who was known as the most popular of the priests working around the villages of Kladenci and Borovichene – was arrested for dealing cannabis to his parishioners.

In a sting operation, undercover police found 128oz of ‘weed’ in the priest’s house, and arrested him.

The question of whether this was due to the drug offence or whether Bulgaria is just really tight on having second jobs is as yet unclear.

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