Have a rant…

It is extraordinary that anyone should suggest we turn a blind eye to illegal positive discrimination because it is well-intentioned. This seems to be the stance that some people are taking in the case of Rare Recruitment, which Personnel Today rightly exposed for only placing graduates if they are “visibly from a non-white background”.

It comes from the same woolly liberal mindset that suggests stealing from big business is not really a crime, no matter what the law says, because “no-one gets hurt”.

There is still undoubtedly a lack of opportunity for some members of the population, for a wide variety of reasons. But we are not going to resolve this by attempting to force the issue. That way lies resentment, mistrust and powerful propaganda for racist bigots. We must tackle the very causes of the problem – not merely address the effect. And we must be scrupulously fair by offering equal opportunities for all.

Sure, we should provide special help for those whose background, ethnicity, sex, age, mental or physical condition puts them at a disadvantage – but that help should take them to a level playing field, not one that slopes steeply towards the goal of just one section of society.

Personnel Today, the wider media, and, indeed, all right-minded people, should conti-nue to root out injustice in whatever form it takes. Don’t be put off by those that heckle loudly, but wrong-headedly, to say that lawbreaking is OK as long as it suits their politics.

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