Home life means more to high achievers

More people are putting home and family life above long hours and high pay according to the Coutts Consulting Group.

Jayne Carrington, managing director of Coutts Corecare division, said that in a recent management survey 90 per cent of those interviewed had singled out the ability to balance work with their personal lives as a key factor in determining their commitment to their employer.

She commented: "There’s a sea change in the workplace. It goes way beyond family friendly practices and is so fundamental that we have specialist consultants working with major companies such as Polaroid and the Woolwich to help them plan for the future retention of their most valuable staff.

“High achievers are already questioning traditional working arrangements and it is not just with regard to time for their families.

“People are looking at a way of working which presents a career capable of growing with them during various life stages. The problem will escalate as valuable employees become more aware of their worth."

By Ben Willmott



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