Home working revolution fails to materialise

Predictions that office workers will be replaced by people
working from home using high-tech links have failed to materialise, according
to a TUC report published today.

Instead home computers are more likely to be used by
stressed executives taking work home this weekend or by self-employed
workers.  The report argues that new
technology is being used to add to work pressure.

“Employees in the UK already work the longest working hours
in Europe. Now they are expected to take work home with them as well, rather
than enjoy this weekend in the sun,” said TUC deputy general secretary Brendan

Elsewhere in Europe, EU figures show the pressure to take
work home is much lower. One in five people sometimes take work home in the UK,
compared to one in fourteen on average in the European Union.

Barber added, “It seems the countries known for their high
trust relationships at work and good work-life balance are where employers are
happy to let staff work from home.  We
seem to have some of the least trusting bosses in Europe.”


Karen Higginbottom


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