Pilot scheme to provide safety advisers to workplaces

The Health and Safety Commission has awarded a contract to
York Consulting of Leeds to run its Worker Safety Adviser pilot scheme.

The scheme will provide specially trained safety advisers to
workplaces that do not currently have safety representatives.

The role of the advisers will be to liaise with management
and the workforce over safety issues on site and advise them on how to improve.

York Consulting will run the pilot scheme over the next 18
months in a cross section of towns and cities across Great Britain.

The scheme will cover the retail, hospitality, voluntary,
construction and automotive sectors.

Bill Callaghan, chair of the Health and Safety Commission,
said, “The key to good health and safety is a partnership approach. This means
good dialogue between managers and workers and consultation with workers and
their representatives over all issues that affect their health and safety.

“The pilots are a key element of the package of measures we
have agreed with ministers to improve employers’ consultation with workers on
health and safety matters.”

The Workers Safety
Adviser pilot scheme is part of a package of measures agreed with ministers to
improve consultation with workers.

By Katie Hawkins

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