How to be bully proof

You can be bully proof. You can become resourceful and confident in dealing with people, whether they are colleagues, managers or customers. 

You can stop feeling upset by the behaviour of other people. Read How to be Bully Proof by Jean Kelly and learn how.

Are you are suffering from bullying at work?  Have you been made to feel undermined or offended by the behaviour of a colleague or manager? 

Do you want to help others who have been bullied or harassed?  Do you worry about where to go for help or who to turn to?

How to be Bully Proof is the answer you have been looking for. 

This easily read book, full of practical suggestions and exercises, will change how you view yourself and others. 

You will realise that you don’t need to be put down by other people and made to feel unhappy or inadequate. 

This book will empower you to feel good about yourself, despite the unpleasant or difficult behaviour you may be facing.

Who is Jean Kelly and why should you listen to what she has to say?

For over 15 years, I have been working with individuals and organisations helping them deal with bullying and harassment in the workplace. 

I am a qualified Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming and, as part of my NLP studies, I undertook research to find the secret of how to become bully proof.  I wanted answers to these questions:

‘Why do some people cope with unpleasant behaviour, while others crumble and take on a victim-like stance?’

‘Why are some people so confident and assured that no-one would bully them in the first place?’

I discovered the model used by people who had successfully overcome bullying behaviour or who had a persona that meant that no-one would bully them.

In How to be Bully Proof I share with you what I discovered.

I produced this book to help anyone who feels alone and unsupported in the workplace or who may wish to help others with conflict situations. 

So whether you are the person on the receiving end of unacceptable behaviour, a manager who wants to support your team, a union official, or a member of Human Resources, this book is for you.

“I was able to help a friend by what I had learnt in How to be Bully Proof.  She was being bullied at work but in the end she found the strength to leave and get another job which she really enjoys.  She is currently on temporary promotion and much happier.”  Ann

“I found How to be Bully Proof so easy to read and understand which is just what you need when you are under a lot of pressure.  It helped me deal with a difficult situation and gave me the strength to look at things in another way.  By changing my approach, I stopped ‘falling down the same hole’ and life is becoming more enjoyable!”  Sharon, an employee in a Government Department.

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