How to deal with requests for time off for antenatal care

  • Be aware that pregnant employees have the right to paid time off work for antenatal care.
  • Take into account that you are entitled to ask for evidence that an employee is pregnant and to see her appointment card, except in the case of the first appointment.
  • Although antenatal care is not expressly defined, take into account that the safest course would be to assume that relaxation and parentcraft classes are included within the definition.
  • Do not ask the employee to make up the lost working time.
  • Encourage part-timers to make antenatal appointments outside working hours but appreciate that employees cannot always control appointment times.
  • Understand that the reasonableness of a refusal will be a question of fact in each case, depending on the amount of time off requested, the employee’s health and whether or not she could have attended appointments outside working hours.
  • Be aware that the time off includes the employee’s travelling and waiting time.
  • Appreciate that an unreasonable refusal of paid time off could result in claims for the pay related to the time off, constructive unfair dismissal and sex discrimination.

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