How to Manage your Boss

How To Manage Your Boss: Developing the perfect working relationship

Manage-your-boss-cover15mar.jpgRos Jay
Publisher: Prentice Hall
ISBN: 0273659316
Price: £13.

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Anyone who has to deal with a problematic boss will benefit from this book, provided, of course, that they read it at home rather than at the office (this is definitely one to recommend rather than distribute).

Ros Jay explains how to deal effectively with characters ranging from bullies and control freaks to bosses who take credit for your ideas. She suggests ways to neutralise, or overcome, irritating and stress-inducing problems such as the boss who won’t listen, constant interruptions and having to answer to two bosses at the same time.

One of the book’s most interesting recommendations is to get to know your boss’s boss. By doing so, you’ll have a better understanding of what motivates your boss, what puts them under pressure and where their worst habits originated. Overall, the aim is to get your boss to “look up with pleasure when you walk into the room” and to bear you in mind for pay rises and promotions.

If a member of your staff comes to you with a minor, but intractable grievance about their boss, steer them in the direction of this book.

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