How to tell if training was effective and well delivered

Seven ways to tell if training was effective and well delivered:

1. Go through feedback sheets with trainer after each course/event.

2. Discuss any gripes with trainer before contacting delegate.

3. Call a couple of delegates afterwards to discuss what they thought of the course.

4. If issues arise and the training is to be repeated discuss and resolve with trainer.

5. If issues continue with same trainer then sever the contract or, if trainer is supplied by a provider, ask for another trainer and vet him/her thoroughly.

6. Some time after training contact delegates’ line managers and find out what difference training has made to their performance and skills.

7. For some skills and functions – for example sales – metrics can be used to measure post-training performance.

Jayne Stokes, head of learning at Santander UK, says the bank is in the process of changing how it measuresthe effectiveness of its training, but that proof of training’s impact on the bottom line ‘has always been intangible’. Santander UK measures training effectiveness by asking four key questions:

  • Nominations – how many attended the training course?
  • Did those that started also finish?
  • How well did learners score? Did they pass the exams/assessments?
  • Feedback and surveys. How was the programme received?



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