HR as Mediator & Peacemaker

Mediation experts, The TCM Group, are pleased to announce a new one day course ‘HR as Mediator & Peacemaker’. The course provides HR and ER professionals with the essential mediation skills to spot, prevent, and resolve workplace disputes before they escalate or explode.

Evidence from recent surveys such as the CIPD conflict management survey (published in Spring 2011) suggests that the focus of disciplinary and grievance procedures is transforming from process based to people based – from adversarial to non-adversarial. As a result, HR professionals are experiencing a shift of focus with greater emphasis on securing resolution and consensus rather than sanction and blame.

 “We created this course as whilst many HR professionals possess the instinct to mediate – in a formal sense, mediation is still relatively new with limited high quality training available” – David Liddle, MD, The TCM Group

 TCM’s one day course builds on delegates’ instinct for mediation and their experiences of grievance resolution. It offers a tried and tested model of mediation along with a series of practical tips and guides to help delegates secure positive resolutions in workplace grievances and disputes. It also enables HR and ER professionals to provide coaching and support for managers to help them secure constructive outcomes without the need for recourse to formal grievance, disciplinary or performance management procedures.

Book in July for just £206 (+VAT) usually £275 (+VAT)

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