HR chiefs reject headhunters in favour of job ads in the right places

The Home Office’s group HR director has spoken out against the use of headhunters rather than job advertisements.

John Marsh, group HR director of the Home Office, said he was struck by how many firms no longer used job ads and now relied solely on headhunters.

Speaking at the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development annual conference this week, he said: “I am a big fan of advertisements. We often get very good candidates who would not be found by headhunters.”

Glyn House, people and brand director of noodle bar chain Wagamama, said recruitment efforts should be spread across a range of media, and the way people in different regions look for jobs should be considered by HR.

He said: “It is vital for HR to keep up with the communication revolution. We use a mixture of media.

“Radio works very well in some communities. It worked very well in Leeds, but nobody responded to it in Newcastle.”

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