HR Dept business model provides perfect life work balance for long-serving licensees

The HR Dept, which has grown from being a Bristol business start-up to having 37 offices in just six years using a business model which recruits HR professionals to run their businesses under licence and under its umbrella brand, has been given a further boost as three of its founder licensees have each signed up to continue running their HR Dept territories for the next decade.

Tracey Hudson who runs the HR Dept in South Warwickshire, Chris Burgess who heads the West Hertfordshire and South Bedfordshire office and Linda Percival who looks after the HR Dept in South Essex, all originally signed up to run their own HR Dept businesses in 2005 or early in 2006.  Five years on and after successfully growing their operations, some of which now employ staff, all three have committed to a further ten year agreement to being HR Dept licensees, citing work life balance, team expertise and support and being able to focus on growing their businesses rather than having to build a brand as key reasons for their decisions.

The HR Dept was established in 2003 by human resources specialist Sue Tumelty, who wanted to offer small and medium-sized businesses the same level of employment expertise and support that was available to large corporations through their dedicated HR departments.

With the emphasis on providing practical, pragmatic and affordable advice and support, the company was soon receiving enquiries from further afield than Bristol and the South West.  Determined not to lose the HR Dept’s key strength of offering a local and personal service to its clients, Sue decided to expand not through hiring associates but by developing a chain of regional offices run under licence by experienced HR professionals.

Since then the company has grown to 37 offices across England and Wales, with six offices having opened in the last year alone. 

“To our clients we offer the perfect combination of sound reliable advice, up-to-date expertise and HR professionals right on their doorsteps who effectively become part of their business.” explains Sue.  “We work with small businesses from one employee upwards to supporting HR departments who have hundreds of employees.”

“To our licensees, we provide the umbrella of a very reputable brand which has grown through recommendation, the opportunity to be part of a friendly and supportive team which provides everything from back-up and expertise to holiday cover and an opportunity to build a business which fits around their commitments and lifestyle.”

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