HR directors are leading in the pay stakes

of personnel are earning more than the average company director, according to
research by Reward Group.

average salary of a personnel director is now £56,757, which is 3.2 per cent
more than for other functions. But there has also been a 5.6 per cent increase
in the gender pay gap at this level. 

director level, compensation and benefits specialists remain the highest paid
in HR, earning on average 12 per cent more than the average personnel manager
at the same level.

Reward Group survey shows that at a lower level the pay gap for personnel
professionals has nearly disappeared.

middle managers in HR are still earning less than managers in other functions.
The average salary is £26,000, which is 7.9 per cent less than the average for
all roles.    

survey found that personnel professionals are more optimistic about their job
security and career prospects than they were in 1999, but are feeling less
content with their pay.

Katie Hawkins

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