HR is at the heart of huge growth plans at Unilever

goods giant Unilever has put HR at the centre of its bid to transform the
company and achieve ambitious growth.

company wants to increase its revenue from 2 to 6 per cent and to achieve this
it has had to redefine its whole business strategy in the last year. 

Roux-Kiener, director of organisation effectiveness in Unilever’s corporate HR
group, told the seminar on Organising for Success that HR made sure it did not
remain a back-office function in the new Unilever model.

has followed the example of IT and marketing by having an HR academy for
training the team and HR websites.

is not separate from the rest of the business and the transformation has been
led by HR.

have said that HR is a back office function – we are not happy about that and
we are making sure we are adding value to the business. HR is about moving
people in, developing people and moving them on," she said.

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