HR is poised to win first division status

Members of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) are
set to win the right to use the title ‘chartered’ on an individual basis, in
the same way as accountants, lawyers or engineers.

The CIPD is seeking approval from the Privy Council to allow its members to
use the title after a ballot of full members overwhelmingly approved the move,
with 98.8 per cent voting in favour of it.

Charted status was granted to the organisation in 2000, but the latest move
will allow individuals to refer to themselves as chartered members or fellows.

CIPD director general, Geoff Armstrong, said individual chartered status,
which could be granted as soon as October, would help the image of the
profession, putting it on the same level as other board-level functions.

"The people management profession has not been treated as first
division for a while and this will give us equal status to some of the more
traditional jobs.

"HR issues are rising to the top of the business agenda and this will
reflect that," he added.

For the status to be granted, the CIPD must prove its qualification is of a
high standard and its members must adhere to a disciplinary code and be
committed to continuous development.

In order to use the title on business cards or when looking for a new job,
HR professionals would have to be fully-qualified members of the CIPD.

Jane Sidwell, managing director of HR recruitment consultancy Resource
Innovation, welcomed the push for individual chartered status. "I think it
will give HR more of an equal status and the opportunity to be taken more
seriously as part of the senior management team.

"It will also increase the visibility of HR training and
qualifications," she said.

However, the organisation’s fiercest critic, training specialist Paul
Kearns, said the change would not make any difference, as it would not
guarantee the same level of competence seen in other chartered professions.

By Ross Wigham

Feedback from the profession

Malcolm Swatton, HR director, Universal:

– "I think it is a good idea and probably long overdue. I don’t think
the CIPD has the same status as other professional organisations and this will

Lesley Cotton, director of personnel and development, Morgan

– "Colleagues outside HR don’t recognise the CIPD qualification as much
as other professional training within the commercial world. I don’t think
enough is known about the HR qualification, so raising its profile would
definitely help."

Tim Williams, HR and customer services director, Edexcel

– "This will give HR higher status, and I think it is important to have
the same kudos as other colleagues. The training is just as tough as in other

Steve James, HR director, Deloitte & Touche:

– "The move to chartered status is an extension of the work the CIPD
does. I’m sure it will be a big step forward for the perception of HR."

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