HR needs to work closely with IT on remote working

Regarding your article ‘Management theory trends: coming round again’ (Personnel Today, 9 July), I’d take Peter Thomson’s advice to HR managers one step further, and recommend they involve IT closely in the remote working process.

While basic homeworking can supply secure access to corporate files, there are more opportunities for companies of all sizes to enhance remote worker productivity and communications.

The growing field of ‘Unified Communications’ enables remote workers to collaborate on documents over the web, to use video and teleconferencing, to filter their calls through ‘presence’ options, and to instant message. Also, using ‘Internet Protocol’-based telephony can help organisations both reduce their overheads and increase control over their communications systems.

For remote working policies to work effectively, the HR and IT departments need to work closely together as business managers.

Michael Calvert

UK general manager,


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