HR sees work-related stress as a priority issue

professionals continue to see absence management as their top health and safety
concern, but workplace stress is rising up their list of priorities, a study

to a survey of more than 300 HR managers and directors, by IRS Employment
Review, two out of three employers agree that stress is more of an issue in
their organisation now than it was a year ago.

survey reveals that the top five wellbeing issues are: managing short- and
long-term absences (each 71.6 per cent of employers); stress (44.7 per cent)
musculoskeletal disorders; and accidents at work.

study also shows that managers cannot easily recognise the symptoms of
work-related stress. Only one in seven public service employers had confidence
in their management abilities to pick out stress.

finds that most employers have an open mind on whether most work-related stress
is genuine, but half of the respondents were undecided about whether most
work-related stress is genuine.

many organisations, staff are not confident about reporting stress. Only one
organisation in five surveyed agrees that their staff are sufficiently
confident to inform their line manager about work-related stress.

Crail, IRS Employment Review managing editor, commented: "Employers report
they are doubtful about the validity of stress but unless the issue is
addressed, absence from the workplace is more than likely to

research shows that stress has increased in importance during the past 12
months across the private and public sectors; public sector employers are the
largest group to report that stress cases had challenged their organisation the
most last year.

study also finds that corporate safety liability is an increasing concern for
most employers.

By Ben Willmott

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