HR service launches to aid the HR outsourcing community

In March 2010, a new business pledged significant funds to support the needs of the HR outsourcing community.

The team at The Human Resources Consultants Group know from experience the challenges of human resources outsourcing professionals with many suffering through the ‘SME sales gap’. As a result, this company has chosen to offer their expertise.

 “The HR outsourcing marketplace is filled with talented practitioners unable to find effective ways to promote their businesses. The simple truth is that HR professionals are not sales people and most consultancies do not have the resources for a sales team” stated Managing Director, Ryan Patey.

“When added to the challenges of balancing client service time with business development, it can be a nightmare, with many HR consultancy owners returning to employed work despite huge numbers of opportunities available.”

“We hope to use our experience of developing one of the UK’s most successful HR companies to good use and overcome these challenges for consultancy owners.”

The Group have created a new website, which allows members to communicate with eachother, promote their services and discuss potential joint ventures. On top of this, the website provides verified leads to HR & Employment Law practitioners.

With more than 180 HR consultancies already recruited as members, it has proven popular.

The Human Resources Consultants Group has plans for a £500,000 exhibition at the O2 arena in 2011, which will have space for 12,000 delegates in a 2-day period and has already donated more than £700,000 in business support to turn around the fortunes of loss-making businesses.

“We aim to be at the forefront of  the UK’s recovery and the HR marketplace, with potential for a HR consultancy franchise model in 2011” concluded Mr Patey.

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