HR tops e-agenda for most UK businesses

The UK is on the ‘brink of an e-HR explosion’, with nearly a
third of all businesses ranking it as their top e-business initiative,
according to research.

The Microsoft Great Plains Business Solutions survey of 500
UK businesses found that only 13 per cent have implemented any e-HR systems,
but 40 per cent believe new HR technologies could help their business.

Adrian Hobbs, UK managing director at Microsoft Great Plains
says the research shows that e-HR is moving up the corporate agenda as firms
start to see its advantages.

“The findings point to the UK being on the verge of an e-HR
explosion, but that business change is still critical,” he says.

David McCammon, head of HR at KLM UK, adds: “Real benefits
are being seen by an increasing number of UK companies as HR takes advantage of
the Internet and is no longer seen as a ‘soft, nice to have’ company add-on,
but increasingly as the corporate backbone.”

The research found that the most widespread e-business
initiative was corporate intranet at 48 per cent.

It also reveals that only 62 per cent of companies have a
formal HR strategy. Only 25 per cent of the most senior HR professionals sit on
the main company board, and only 56 per cent of the most senior HR
professionals sit on the executive or management board.

Of HR statistics measured by businesses, the most common was
absenteeism at 85 per cent, second was staff retention at 83 per cent.

By Quentin Reade

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